Window Screen Repair Tape

Window Screen repair tape is a repair tape specially made for repairing broken window screens. The product has excellent performance and outstanding adhesion, and can be fixed for a long time. It is an excellent choice for repairing screens, preventing mosquitoes, pets from scratching, and foreign objects from entering. There is no need to replace the gauze in the whole piece, which is easy to use. It is very economical, durable and beautiful.

Details of Window Screen Repair Tape

Material: Glass fiber + PVC resin
Color: Black, white, gray
Adhesive: Acrylic glue
Size: 0.1mm x 5cm x 2m
Customized service: Yes
Heat resistance temperature: 60-120℃
Highly breathable
High temperature resistance
Strong adhesion, strengthened cross glue, not easy to fall
Not easy to rust and corrosion resistant
Bright color

How to Use the Tape

Comparison Before and After Use

Applications of Window Screen Repair Tape

It is used to repair windows and breeding nets to prevent mosquitoes and cockroaches from flying into the house through loopholes in screen windows. The shape can be cut in any shape, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

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