Car Protective Film

Car protective film, interior film, is to form a long-lasting insulation film on the surface of various automotive interiors. It has high ductility, high plasticity, high transparency, anti-dirty, anti-scratch, abrasion resistance, UV protection and oxidation resistance.
The interior decoration of the high-end car is generally light-colored. The friction between the shoes and the interior decoration when getting on and off the car, it is difficult to clean the shoe polish and the colored dirt on the door and the interior decoration, and the interior film can protect the interior decoration. It can also add beauty and is easy to clean.

Details of Car Protective Film

Structure: OPVC film + glue + PET liner

Color: Transparent

Size: 10cm/15cm x 30m

* High ductility & high plasticity & high transparency
* Waterproof & anti-scratch
* Wear-resistant
* Anti-ultraviolet & anti-oxidation

Technical Data of Car Protective Film

Surface Material PVC Film Liner PET Release Film
Thickness 0.17±0.005mm Thickness 0.05±0.005mm
Basic Weight 170±10 g/㎡ Basic Weight 70±5 g/㎡
Adhesive Base Solvent Acrylic Release Force 7~15 g/25mm
Thickness of Glue 0.04±0.002mm Holding Power >20 hr/kg*20mm2
BRY Coating Weight 120±5 Initial Tack >7 No./Ball
180°Peel Adhesive >1.2 kg/25mm Temperature Range -10~80°C

Application of Car Protective Film

Widely used in front and rear bumpers, engine cover front edge, rim front edge, mirror outer edge, door outer edge, door handle inner edge, key hole, trunk and side door pedal. Protect the paint surface from scratches caused by slight scratches.

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