Bird Repellent Tape

Bird repellent tape scares birds by reflecting light. It is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, and does not harm birds. You also don’t have to resort to drastic measures in order to get rid of your bird problem and it is a simple and effective solution to protect crops.

Details of Bird Repellent Tape

Material: Polyester film

Thickness: 25mic

Size: 25mm x 50m/ 60m/ 80m/ 100m/ 120m, 45mm x 80m/ 100m

Standard Size: 50mm x 38m/ 61m

Double Color: Red & silver, Green & silver, Yellow & silver

Single Color: Red

Other Color: Colorful, Laser silver, etc

Features of Bird Repellent Tape

1.Non-toxic odorless

2.Terrorize birds by reflecting light, safety environmental protection

3.Light weight, no pollution, good QuDiao effect

4.Do not harm birds

5.Simple to use, save manpower

6.Sturdy & Ultra Strong

7.Water-proof and humidity resistant & anti-corrosion

Why Bird Repellent Tape Can Scare Birds

It is designed according to the principle of birds’ fear of silver-white and red cross-reflective.

The bird repellent tape is blown and illuminated by the wind. The red, silver and white complement each other, making the birds feel afraid and dare not approach.

In windy conditions, the tape can also make metallic noises and help the birds stay away from this area.

The application of flashing bird repellent tape effectively avoids the damage of birds to crops (the effect of preventing bird damage is 100%), while not harming birds.

Applications of Bird Repellent Tape

Orchard, sericulture farm, nursery, farmland, vegetable garden, etc

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